Globalization in Adult Education

The B2W Group’s goal and ambition as a national training provider is to provide consistent, excellent training throughout all of our funding zones. Prior to 2020, the majority of the distribution took place in person, with face-to-face lessons and an obvious presence in the area. The devolution of local authorities presented a special problem for national organisations like The B2W Group, which aims to offer a high standard of adult education to all regions of England.

Each local authority adopted new rules for finance and performance management with the transition. Since funding was allocated to local governments, they had the power to decide which providers to work with to create a financing deal in order to provide AEB for students who lived in their respective regions.

In order to support adult learners in their communities, these inaugural Mayoral Combined Authorities are beginning to identify and work toward their own objectives. The main goals of the authorities are to make sure that the students in their communities receive value for their money and to see their “sons and daughters” succeed in adult education.

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