Why Did Instagram Down Latest User Reported

Twitter users report that Instagram Down temporarily unavailable. The crew at 9to5Mac also verified this information. The Meta-owned platform is currently experiencing an outage as users worldwide complain about issues with the feed, checking DMs, and other issues.


How to Fix Instagram Down for Everyone

According to several Twitter users and Down Detector, Instagram went down around 9:32 a.m. PT and is currently experiencing outages. Although the cause of the outage is currently unknown, Down Detector claims that the platform has been working to resolve these problems.

What Happened with Instagram and Why Did it Go Down in the First Place?

While some users only encounter Instagram app lag, others are unable to access the service at all. Additionally, some Instagram users are unable to open Stories, receive or send direct messages, or load new posts on their feed.

Other indications that Instagram is down include:

Unable to load likes and comments in your “Activity” feed

being not able to comment on posts

Not loading or just displaying outdated posts and videos is really the Browse/Search tab

Search does not provide accurate results

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