Login Info of 1 Million Facebook Users at Risk

One million Facebook users have been alerted by Meta that third-party apps from the Apple or Google Play stores may have exposed their account information. According to the company’s security specialists, more than 400 shady apps intended to steal users’ Facebook login information have been found in the past year.

The apps are ‘fun or useful’ services including photo editors, camera apps, VPN services, horoscope apps, and fitness tracking tools, the company claims. Before accessing the advertised functionality, the apps frequently ask users to “Log In with Facebook.” However, these login options are only a way for hackers to access Facebook users’ account information.

Both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store had these malicious apps. The 47 iOS apps, were nearly entirely what Meta refers to as ‘business utility’ apps, the malicious Android apps were primarily consumer apps, such as photo filters. These services appeared to be geared primarily at persons utilising Facebook’s business capabilities, with titles like ‘Very Business Manager,’ ‘Meta Business,’ ‘FB Analytic,’ and ‘Ads Business Knowledge.’

All of the apps detected by Meta have been taken down from the different app stores, according to both Apple and Google.

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